Ascension Bay Tarpon Palolo Worm Hatch 2019, with Fisherman Lodge in Punta Allen, Mexico

Ascension Bay Palolo Worm hatch!

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Having successfully fished the Florida Keys worm hatches for over twenty years, I was convinced we had a similar event in the waters of Ascension Bay. And it only took 12 years to dial it in!

After exhaustive searches, we have discovered three distinct areas with an afternoon and early evening Palolo Worm hatch.

Crazy Worm Hatch Action

The next worm hatch will be the late May to early June 2020. Contact us if you would like to experience this fantastic phenomenon of nature and fish for migratory Tarpon.

If you are not familiar with a Palolo Worm hatch, Google it. We will be very closed, information wise, to keep these secret locations virgin territory for our lodge clients.

Capt. Greg Rahe